Aloe Veda Aromatherapy Bath Salt - Rose and Geranium Stress Relief, 250g Salt Bath Cleanses and purifies the aura. Rose activates the heart chakra and love aspect within you. An active Heart helps in manifestation.
Auroshikha Lavender Essential Oil ( 10 Ml) Lavender is an excellent cleansing oil you can put a few drops in the bathing water and have a refreshing bath.
Nanki Trades Wax Tea Light Candle (White, Set of 50, 3 Hours Burn Time) Lighting a candle helps in starting a meditation and is like a salutation to the energy beings helping us during the meditation and manifestation
Auroshikha Incense Sticks Combo of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Sage, Lavender,Opium & Frankincense,300 GMS - Set of 6 Lighting an incense before meditation helps in calming the senses