TrustBasket Dotted Oval Railing Planters (Multicolour, Pack of 5) For a bit of color
NAOE Hanging Planter Made of Bamboo I don't have or need this, but I think it is quite an elegant idea for indoors.
Easy Gardening Royal 2 Rectangle Pots - Terracotta Color Planter (Pack of Six) I have these and am planning to make a bog garden with various droseras inside one.
Planters Vertical Garden Green Panel 3 Frames + 9 Pots Vertical gardening totally rocks.
Trust Basket Butterfly Oval Balcony Railing Planters (Multicolour, Pack of 4) If you have a balcony you can hang plants off.
Gardens Need Plastic Stack-A-Pot Hanging Set (Terracotta, 5-Pieces) This is quite ingenious and creates very interesting growing space. I'm planning to make another bog garden like this.
BIO BLOOMS M2 Model Vertical Wall Hanging Garden Pots (Black) - 50 Pots I don't have these, but I think it is a neat idea to convert the stacked pots to a horticultural chandelier of sorts.